Host Families

accommodationAt CEI our goals are to provide students with a deeper and more genuine linguistic, academic and intercultural experience than the average study abroad program while in a secure, comfortable setting. Nothing helps achieve these goals quite like the homestay program. All of our families are vetted, regularly supervised, and live in the area close to the university campus.

Host families provide private room, 3 meals a day, and light laundry. But much more than that, they provide an opportunity to improve your Spanish skills, learn about Ecuadorian culture, and have a home away from home. The homestay family experience is probably the most enriching element of our program, ensuring that many students leave with lifelong friends in this corner of the world.

University residence

Our university housing offers a limited number of spaces to both international and local students (female only) next to our campus in Samborondon. Some single occupancy rooms are available, but most rooms are shared. All houses are full furnished and come equipped with cooking and laundry facilities.


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