Student Exchange

UEES since its inception has enjoyed strong international relations with some of the best universities from around the globe. Each year we receive international students from partner institutions in Australia, Canada, the USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Korea and many more.

pic-exchangeThe presence of students from such a diverse range of cultures not only enriches our university and the lives of its students here in Ecuador , it also creates tangible and affordable opportunities for our students to spend a semester or academic year abroad.

Exchange program

The Exchange Program is for students of universities affiliated with UEES that wish to have a deep learning and intercultural experience. On one level, exchange students take the place of local students, attending classes, making use of the university facilities, and passing time with friends.

But the UEES Exchange Program is more than simply taking classes in another part of the world.

By beginning each program with a 6-day Orientation Tour in the city of Quito, and continuing that learning via a weekly Cultural Seminar, we aim to aid students' cultural adjustment and understanding of the new environment they find themselves in.

Other optional elements such as the Host Family Program, Cultural Activities and Field Trips, all contribute to strengthening that understanding, and offer the kind of experiential learning that is both enriching and great fun.

Student exchange is an important part of what we do here at CEI. Our Exchange Program offers the culturally curious and adventurous student the chance to not only learn about, but truly be part of this world.

Academic calendar

Our Exchange Program Calendar is as follows:

  • Spring Semester: early January to late April.
  • Fall Semester: late August to late December.

Exchange agreements

To find out whether your university is affiliated with UEES, please go to our International Agreements page. For more detailed information about courses and how they can transfer to your home university, please talk to someone at the international education office on your campus.

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